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Our Leadership Team

Sells Group leadership is made up of thought leaders from different fields, creating unique and innovative approaches to data, marketing, and finance.



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Patrick Sells

Founder and CEO

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Adam Benoit

Chief Financial Officer

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Matt Roberts

VP of Client Services

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John Magnabosco

Chief Data Officer

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Jason Risley

VP of Business Development


Our Vision:

To be the best at customer acquisition through innovative digital marketing for data-driven organizations.  

Our Mission:

When people grow, businesses grow with them. Sells Group is dedicated to inspiring people to achieve their full growth potential.


Our Core Values: 

Be a Catalyst for Change: Make decisions quickly, embrace the unknown, and do something

Live with Abandon + Integrity: Focus on others over yourself, never be above anything or anyone, and go all in  

Know the Formula: Focus on the outcome and reverse engineer the path to success

Roll Up Your Sleeves: Refusing to get stuck, be resourceful, and find an answer

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